Thursday, August 6, 2009

A wise Latina

I'm really glad that the Senate has confirmed Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court Justice. God bless her and may she be guided by the Holy Spirit as she uses her knowledge, education and experience to make decisions, write opinions and carry out all the other tasks of a Supreme Court Justice.

I don't know the new Justice Sotomayor except through the media, so I can't say if she is wise or not, but I have known quite a few "wise" Latinas. The phrase brings to mind my old friend Doña Juana. This wise woman lived in lower east side Manhattan. She survived on under $450.00 a month of Social Security. After years of poor factory pay this was her retirement fund. She considered herself blessed to have faith in God, family and friends and a project apartment.

She was a client of Catholic Charities mainly because she could not read or write much and needed a little help with forms from time to time. Compassionate and caring, She sent many people to Catholic Charities who needed our services. But for lack of education, Doña Juana would have made a fine Supreme Court Justice.
A few times I had the pleasure of accompanying her to appointments. As we walked through the streets Doña Juana would stop to greet many along the way. She seemed to be friends with people of a variety of backgrounds, colors and languages. At the same time she knew the parts of the neighborhood where one did not linger and knew the individuals who were violent of into dealing drugs. She was pretty shrewd.

Doña Juana is in heaven now. I'm sure she is proud that a Latina from NYC is a Supreme Court Justice. I'm just as proud of Doña Juana who despite her lack of advantage was a wise, caring
woman, rooted in her faith in God and love for her neighbor. Perhaps you can keep Justice Sotomayor in your prayers Doña Juana.