Saturday, June 29, 2013


I'm moving soon. After 10 years of serving on the MSBT General Council I'm in transition towards a new ministry. But first I have to pack.

I have accumulated a lot of stuff. I commented to some sisters the other day that when I entered I had one suitcase and one garment bag! Actually most of my stuff isn't clothes. It's stuff like books, knickknacks, cds, religious pictures and statues and souvenirs given to me from various places. I'm not taking it all with me! I sure don't need it. So I'm doing the three pile decision process: a pile for giving away, a pile for trash and a pile to keep. The last will be the smallest.

Having to move every so often is a gift. I have only one room to keep stuff, a vow of poverty and a low personal budget. These are great helps in keeping the amount of stuff I have low. It's good to think and pray about material things now and then.
Living in a first world country with a first class education chances are good that I'll have what I need; in fact more than I need. I came across this website which is another good reason to live more simply.