Saturday, July 4, 2009

Michael Jackson, self acceptance and God's forgiving love

Last night at supper at our Motherhouse dining room I sat with a group of sisters who were wondering about all the Michael Jackson hype. It is a little much but his music did accompany us for four decades. I recall all the kids with whom I worked in the 80's moonwalking and wearing those red Michael Jackson jackets and skinny black pants.

I admit I watched one of the many programs about his life and all I can think of is the poor thing! He was proof that all the money, talent and fame in the world does not make one happy.
The semi-news program I watched detailed the number of plastic surgeries the guy had and I couldn't help thinking, what a waste of money, time and energy! To be so focused on yourself, your looks, your needs and wants makes you a prisoner of yourself. Too bad.

Well all that is over for him and now he is in the hands of our God who fills all our needs.
Now he knows that true beauty has nothing to do with looks, money, fame etc.
I hope he's at peace. Thanks for the music.

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