Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mystery of the Trinity

As Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity we, of course, are attuned to all mention of the Trinity. According to our rule of life the first thing we seek to do with our lives is to glorify the Triune God. 
So Trinity Sunday is a big deal for us. 
I came across the following quote while on retreat at our beautiful retreat house in Alabama, aptly named Blessed Trinity Shrine Retreat.

By mystery we do not mean something that is so beyond our knowledge and understanding that we might as well not bother to even think about it.
Rather it a mystery is a truth so profound, so full that it continually must be unfolded,revealed, made known  and even with all that reflection and prayer and study for all the ages, the fullness of what the mystery of the Trinity contains can never be exhausted! - working on finding the source for this-

 We cannot reach the end of God. There is always newness, always another lesson of love to be experienced.  We experience the love of those close to us through their presence and through their actions. So too with the Trinity. When I think of the actions of the Trinity right away three stand out, creation, my existence and the Eucharist. During the Eucharistic prayer there's a beautiful prayer said by the priest, an invocation of the Holy Spirit called the epiclesis.

In the epiclesis, the Church asks the Father to send his Holy Spirit or the power of his blessing on the bread and wine, so that by his power they may become the body and blood of Jesus Christ and so that those who take part in the Eucharist may be one body and one spirit   
Catechism of the Catholic Church.

To me that's a great example of the Trinity in action. The Triune God is amazing, so awesome and beyond my understanding in some ways, but in many ways quite clear.  

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