Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Be Good to Yourself

I'm home in my Cenacle (that's what we call our houses or apartments) today because I'm taking a couple of sick days to recuperate from oral surgery. I feel okay but I have to do the ice pack routine of 20 minutes on & 10 minutes off. So I had plans to be totally self indulgent and watch some daytime TV like "The View", "Dr. Oz" a little VH1 music video (boy! have videos changed from the 80's!).

But - we just received the gift of the DVD series Catholicism. This is a series created and hosted by Fr. Robert Barron.  He  is an  author, speaker, a theologian and a  Professor at Mundelein Seminary near Chicago.
I'm familiar with his website, Word On Fire ( I often listen to his homilies Sunday morning as he's a very good preacher.

Anyhow I watched one of the episodes called the "Mystery of God" In the dying words of Steve Jobs, "Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow." For once I wish I had a bunch of money cause I'd go buy everyone of my family and friends this DVD series. Well I can't so I'm sending out a link to the TV schedule.

If you are Catholic or Christian be good to yourself and watch this series. Or at least part 3 on the Mystery of God.  I know you probably have not received good adult ed on your faith.
Watch Catholicism!  It's really captivating as well as educational.

I just watched the 52 minute episode 3 and forgot for that time span that I have a lot of pain and swelling from having oral surgery. Now I'm going to go ice my mouth and take 800 mg of Ibuprofen.

If you're not much of a believer watch this anyhow. It's wicked entertaining. If you don't believe at all watch it. Really know what it is you that you don't believe. 

If I should somehow win or be gifted with a lot of cash I will buy lots of copies and give them out to my family, friends, acquaintances and whoever I can.

Many people ask what Catholic Sisters do and the truth is we do a lot of different things but the underlying purpose is always about the love of God. Glorifying God and acting in ways that say God is love! And this is why I'm advertising this video.
God bless you!


Apostolado del Cenaculo Misionero de P.R. said...

My mother is very Ill, I ask you for Prayers! Her name is Josefina Traverso Soto! Thank You!

Jennifer said...

The parish just bought a copy of this - I haven't had a chance to watch any of it yet, but after reading your review I will definitely have to do that soon!!