Monday, May 25, 2015

The Peace of Christ completest the Paschal Mystery

I go to Mass everyday so I was interested to read an article on BBC News, called "What I learned from 46 consecutive days in Church". While he had a very good experience, one thing he mentioned was that about a third of the homilies were very good, another third were so-so and the rest;  not so good. I found this to be true so I often supplement  by listening or reading to really good homilies online.

Listening to the Sunday homily on with Fr. Robert Barron is always excellent.
Another good source is this site of the Dominican Friars of Englan & Scotland. These Dominicans really live their name "Order of Preachers".

The homily for Pentecost Sunday is a wonderful example of how powerful and inspiring these homilies are.

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