Saturday, July 7, 2007

Be good do good be a power for good!

The Design Team

Today one of the Sisters came up to me and thanked me for the mural that we did during the Summer Mission Institute. She really liked the idea of illustrating a favorite motto, a quote from our founder Fr. Thomas Judge, CM,
Be good, do good, be a power for good!
I've been involved in more mundane matters this past week, mainly paperwork, so that doing the banner with the young adults of the Summer Mission Institute seems more than a week ago. I think it turned out well. The best part was the doing; everyone, no matter their talent or perceived lack of talent, felt able to pitch in and paint. It's amazing how enjoyable it is to work in an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement.
Not to be corny but the atmosphere was an illustration of the motto as much as the mural. The group of people were from different places and backgrounds yet worked together like they'd done it for years.
I've been blessed in the people with whom I've worked. Sometimes you hear horror tales of bosses and coworkers who are complainers, critics, screamers or just plain mean.
The other day our Sisters were describing some of the experiences they've had with Pastors some excellent, some awful. I guess it seems so much worse when a person is supposedly a man (or woman) of Good, yet their behavior is far from what you would expect.

Thanks be to God for the folks who are good, who do good and are a power for good. The sister who thanked me for the mural is a perfect example of that kind of person. Sr. Paul Miriam tries in everyday ways to be that good person who does good and is a power for good. She would be amazed and perhaps embarrassed that I was testifying to her goodness in a blog, but there is good reason to brag about her. I think people who are good and kind ought to get more recognition. So here's to the folks who are good may they multiply!

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