Friday, June 22, 2007

Never boring!

I can't ever remember being bored. I've always had the ability to find life in all its variety interesting if not always pleasant. I can enjoy being alone doing nothing or being alone with God or with my own thoughts. In my years as a sister, there seems to have been no lack of something to do, something to pray about , some one to attend to, something, somebody to think about or be present to. I of ten find myself surprised when I hear a person say "I'm bored" or "that's boring." It like they're speaking a language with concepts beyond my comprehension.

This week too is full of variety and interesting people and events.
My Community is part of a Religious Family. We grew out of a Lay Group called the Missionary Cenacle Apostolate. A group of brothers and priests called the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity or Trinity Missions also came out of that group as did a small group of women in private vows, the Blessed Trinity Missionary Institute.

Anyhow, the four groups sponsor a program for Young Adults called the Trinity Mission Center. They do education and and discernemnt programs. This week is the annual Summer Mission Institute. The theme is Baptism and we are doing a mural using a saying from our founder Thomas Judge, " Be good, Do good, Be a power for good." There's about 15 young adults participating plus five more on the Team. There's lots of paint, brushes and wall space so we'll see where we go with our mural. Another opportunity for not being bored!

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