Saturday, October 9, 2010

What would you be doing that's so important anyway?

"it is love alone that gives worth to all things" Teresa of Avila
The other day a few of us were discussing some of the events going on in the life of our families. All of us have parents, siblings, in-laws, nephews, uncles, aunts etc. in all the stages of life with all the challenges of those stages.
We were focused on the topic of raising children and some recent hair raising stories our family members had mentioned to us, requesting prayers for their child. At the end of this sharing someone said "we're spoiled we don't have to deal with that."
It's true, one of the benefits of being a vowed religious is we don't get married, have children and suffer the difficulties that vocation can entail. Well, nor do we enjoy the great benefits and joys of the married vocation either. Later I thought about how we were glad that we didn't have to deal with the pains of parenting. I wonder if when people look at our life from the perspective of married life?
Do they think, Thank God I don't have to deal with that! One thing I know from years of experience working with families and with sisters, priests and brothers; life is composed of both joy and sorrow and mostly the  ordinary.

Living out one's vocation is mostly about the ordinary I think. I see my nieces and nephews with their kids and it's a pleasure to see how they cherish the daily stuff of their lives. It's also a witness and reminder to me to cherish the daily stuff of mine. 

Many years ago one of my siblings, no names here, was complaining to my mother about life as a spouse and parent. My mother, 
Vera was her name and she was a truth teller for sure, said," what would you be doing that's so important anyway"?

Phew, it seemed a bit harsh at the time, but it's true, life is not like the movies or TV where everyday is a big drama. 
This day that I have, this is my important thing I have to do, even if it involves the ordinary tasks of life, like doing the laundry, which for me is imperative, or I won't look presentable for the rest. 
So I pray to have the grace of being present to the people, the tasks and the thoughts God gives me today. May I cherish them and give thanks to God for them.

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