Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life is a Gift of God

I've come to know that following Christ is all about how you are, how you act every day. That's the thing about Jesus. His teachings attract people for sure but when I think of why I love Jesus the first thing that comes to me is the way he is with people in the scriptures.

I've been thinking of one of Jesus' followers who recently died. Sr. Ann Miriam Gallagher, MSBT was well loved by many. Here's some of the comments people have made in the wake of her death:
  • Her smile and spirit could light up a room. 
  • Sr Ann was a gift to everyone she touched. I am honored to have known her and worked with her.
  • Sr Ann came into my life when I truly needed spiritual guidance and a friend I could trust.
  • Sr Ann was a gift. She made my faith real to me.
  • Simple gifts are what you teach. And you place them right in reach. Within each of us. And we will never be the same.
  • I feel privleged to have known her.
  •  She was the kindest person I have ever known.

She lived her life as a person who believed in God and in the resurrection of Jesus. Armed with this faith she added own gifts of person and disposition and shared her joy in God's goodness with others
in the most ordinary yet uplifting ways. She was ever about lifting people up of pointing out the good, the holy and what was of God.The thing is, she did it in such a down to earth way. She was life giving in a way that inspired you to be your best self. Always, she sought to try & understand people.

We do miss you Ann. It helps me to remember that our life is a gift from God. The people in our lives are gifts freely given to us, yet not to be possessed. So I try to let go and rejoice in your being home. Perhaps in your new mode of life you can help us who knew you to be life-givers in our daily life.

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