Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I do

Well it's 4:30 AM and I'm awake because I started to think about the events of yesterday. Which actually was pretty typical of what my days are like. So then why am I awake now? Maybe to just put it all in God's hands.

Mornings I usually start with a walk. I have some prayer podcasts that I regularly download so as I walk I pray the rosary with listen to a reading and reflection from the daiIy Mass that the British Jesuits do, called "pray as you go" Next is Mass, breakfast prayers and work. So that's how I started off yesterday. The opening song for was "You Lord Are in this Place" by Keith Duke, a kind of harmonic chant about the presence of God filling all aspects of life.
In our offices, known as the Generalate, there's five of us in a wing of our Mother Boniface Center. It's named for our first General Custodian, Mother Boniface Keasey, a beautiful, holy and courageous woman.

Sometimes our Sisters wonder what we do. Well yesterday was Tuesday. First I answered some phone messages. A couple from our sisters about how to fill out an online survey we sent them and some financial questions. That took an hour or so. Then it's on to e-mails. A couple of Sisters are coming to Philadelphia after many, many, many years of ministry. They're anxious about packing and how to close their Cenacle. So I answered some questions about that. They're also worried because some Parishioners asked them about the LCWR investigation by the Bishops. One of the Sisters hoped we would remain part of the Church. I assured her we would! I feel bad that this Sister after over 60 years of a life of dedication to God, the Church and God's people should have to worry about this. We are cursed with living in interesting times.

Then I call another Sister to make a date to talk. Her position was eliminated by the recent layoffs from the Archdiocese. Alternate sources of income are hard to come by but the priests and other folks with whom she works are looking into it. It's getting harder for us to serve the people we want to. The parishes of the poor just don't have the money to pay us and unfortunately we can't afford to work for nothing. Maybe we'll hit the lottery. Oh yeah you have to buy a ticket.

After lunch I worked on to photo formatting, a project started in June! Maybe it will get done before August. More calls to our sisters, an e-mail or two then some filing of papers. It's an exciting job which I usually leave till the piles get to me.

The last couple of hours are spent in more individual meetings with sisters.
One is going off to school so we discussed the details of that upcoming adventure for her. Then I visit with another sister who is recovering from back surgery.

Usually we on the General Council meet together for 3 -5 days to report on our activities, updates on various sisters who are in some kind of transition and plan together for the future of our community. July however is one of the two months we don't meet as its a month for retreat and vacation.

We often eat at our Motherhouse. We have a great food service so it makes sense to eat there and enjoy the company of our sisters. The five of us have evening prayer together at 7 PM. We five live in the oldest building on our grounds. A big, old mansion type building which is regarded as beautiful by many. Our chapel on the first floor has beautiful old windows. In July its a bit warm as we're in Philadelphia. The rest of the evening is spent with a little TV, then some reading and bed. Not too thrilling except that I get to support the sisters who are trying to
carrying out their small part of building up the Kingdom of God.

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