Friday, October 12, 2012

Pray the Rosary

I have acquired a few daily habits over the years. One of them is praying the rosary. The Rosary was not my favorite prayer as a kid! It was too long and boring and we had to kneel and listen to Cardinal Cushing on the radio think nasal and grating. Well I've gotten over that and now it's part of the daily routine.  In the rosary one can meditate on the different aspects of the lives of Jesus and Mary and place in Jesus' hands whatever needs, sorrows, joys and thanksgivings that arise in one's heart and mind.
The Rosary is a mobile prayer app. You can take it with you wherever you go. Which was part of its' original appeal. One didn't need to be in Church with the books required to pray the Liturgy of the Hours.

Through the years the Blessed Mother is the one to whom I would often turn for help in praying for others, especially people's  more serious needs.

Below are some wonderful resources for praying the rosary.

The one I use everyday is a podcast of the rosary found at this site:

No extra prayers just the rosary nicely lead by Fr. Michael McGovern of the Church of St. Mary, Lake Forest, IL

For a printed how to pray the Rosary: 
Busted Halo has a bunch of reflections on the Rosary as well as some questions and answers.
Since it's said St. Dominic received the Rosary from Our Lady herself here the Dominicans site on the Rosary:

Our friends at Wikipedia have an interesting article:

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