Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanks for my life!

Recently in Massachusetts, the state where I was born, there was a question on the ballot about "Death with Dignity". The details of the ballot question can be read at the following link.,_Question_2_(2012)

The question was defeated by a small margin but hearing about it and hearing the opinions of some friends and family members really alarmed me.
It seems that people believe their life is theirs and theirs alone. The opinions I hear against the measure were all about distrust of doctors, of the methods used etc. Others felt it would be a good thing, a compassionate thing. Why should they suffer? There was no mention of God or the commandment, "Thou shall not kill".

Without that knowledge that our life is a gift from God it becomes easy to look at life as a disposable commodity. So when life gets painful or inconvenient since it's my own I can end it. Or if I'm carrying a child, it's my body so I can end that life if I want to.
I know there's lot of rhetoric on this topic. But the value of life seems to be overlooked more and more. I am grateful to God for my life , the lives of my loved ones and for the gift of the life of our incredible universe.

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